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Verish is a language for reasoning that resembles a natural language. It is based on the language created by Aristotle, completed by Gottlob Frege, and simplified by Bertrand Russell and others. The name is a blend of the words Verify and English.

This website defines the grammar of Verish, explains what Facts are and how to prove them by reasoning, provides a growing knowledge base of useful Definitions and Facts in Verish, and provides a free program for checking and facilitating reasoning in Verish. The knowledge base is intended to grow roughly according to the plan of Roget's Thesaurus.

Grammatical and related terms that have a special meaning in discussing the grammar and meaning of Verish are written with an initial capital on this website. The complete list of such terms is Letter, Capital, Formative, Noun, Preposition, Adverb, Conjunction, Negation, Word, Initial, Phrase, Sentence, Scope, Subject, Verb, Object, Agree, Governed, Clause, Brief, Reason, Paragraph, Title, Opening, Definition, Abbreviation, Name, Method, Statement, Comment, Relevant, Development, Application, Active, Regular, Accordance, Legitimate, Meaning, Related, Similar, Allowed, Fact, Absolute, Logical.

The pronunciation of Verish is up to you. You might find it convenient to read Words as related English words or phrases, or as shortened forms of them. For example, you could read +sm// as "the same of of," and [a as "every a" or "ev a".

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The English and Verish text on this website is licensed for use under the Free Software Foundation Free Documentation License, and the software is licensed for use under the Free Software Foundation General Public License.

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